Case Management Manager

Job Summary

Responsible for providing comprehensive assessment, planning, implementation and overall evaluation of individual patient needs.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Evaluate patient to determine care, when the patient should be discharged, home planning, and other needs and action plans.
  • Complete expanded assessment of patient at time of admission.
  • Facilitate investigations, medical and treatment referrals, and ongoing legal proceedings.
  • Works with agencies and service providers to facilitate case coordination and information sharing.
  • Help patients understand their conditions and treatment options.
  • Interpret medical documents.
  • Ensure that patient tests are appropriate and necessary.
  • Coordinate the integration of social services/case management function.
  • Present denial letter.
  • Evaluate patient satisfaction and quality of care provided.
  • Communicate with physicians and develop working relationship.
  • Maintain appropriate cost.
  • Assess patient's progress throughout hospital stay.
  • Refer cases where patients and/or family would benefit from counseling.
  • Help patient and family make informed decisions.
  • Review treatment goals and resources.
  • Provide education and literature about diagnosis.
  • Participate in the development and implementation of patient care policies and protocols.
  • Promote effective and efficient utilization of clinical resources.