Job Summary

Responsible for observing and studying the composition, reaction, structure, and properties of chemical substances. Works in laboratories and offices to develop products, processes, packaging, and materials.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Work in a laboratory to develop new products.
  • Study the structures, compositions, reactions, and other properties of substances.
  • Analyze substances and compounds to determine their chemical and physical properties, such as their structure and composition.
  • Study different types of reactions.
  • Perform experiments.
  • Add, mix, boil, and freeze substances.
  • Instruct scientists and technicians on proper chemical processing and testing procedures.
  • Prepare and mix test solutions, compounds, and reagents.
  • Analyze components and physical properties of materials.
  • Gather and prepare ingredients, mixing times, and operating temperatures.
  • Investigate the properties, composition, and structure of matter.
  • Experiment with the laws that govern the combination of elements and reactions of substances to each other.
  • Create new products and processes or improve existing ones.
  • Create and develop new and improved drugs, plastics, cleaners, and thousands of other products.
  • Study the structures and chemical properties of various materials to develop new products or enhance existing ones.
  • Determine ways to strengthen or combine materials or develop new materials.
  • Work with superconducting materials, ceramics, and metallic alloys.
  • Work on teams with other scientists, such as biologists and physicists, computer specialists, and engineers.
  • Use computers for modeling, simulation, and experimental analysis.