Commercial Designer

Job Summary

Responsible for creating and designing manufactured products. Perform extensive research on product use, engineering, marketing, and materials to craft product design.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Design products for every day use.
  • Work with engineers, materials scientists, marketing and corporate strategy staff, cost estimators, and accountants to develop most appealing product for the public.
  • Design products such as automobiles and other transportation vehicles, appliances, technology goods, medical equipment, furniture, toys, tools and construction equipment, or housewares.
  • Meet with clients to determine final vision and requirements.
  • Perform extensive research to ascertain target product user or the context in which the product will be used.
  • Evaluate product characteristics like size, shape, weight, color, materials used, cost, ease of use, fit, and safety.
  • Utilize design and consumer publications to better-understand market.
  • Attend trade shows.
  • Prepare conceptual sketches or diagrams.
  • Consult with creative director or members of marketing team to ascertain company goals.
  • Use CAD to create detailed drawings that can be adjusted.
  • Coordinate the look and function of product lines.
  • Direct automated production tools to build the designed product to exact specifications.
  • Revise drawings as necessary or as client dictates.
  • Participate in usability and safety tests.
  • Study traditional, period, and contemporary design styles and motifs to obtain perspective.