Computer Programmer

Job Summary

Responsible for writing programs that convert software programs into a logical series of instructions that a computer can follow. Codes instructions in various languages including C++ and Python.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Create and design data mining services to enhance business processes.
  • Design coding standards, statistical reporting, and data analysis methodologies.
  • Integrate data mining applications with existing systems.
  • Analyze business user needs.
  • Deploy data queries.
  • Create data models and protocols for production databases.
  • Develop data management policies and procedures.
  • Research data mining products and services.
  • Coordinate the creation of data queries.
  • Test and modify data mining services.
  • Maintain change control and testing processes for modifications.
  • Create data definitions for new database file/table development.
  • Determine correct network components for data access.
  • Develop routines for end users.
  • Ensure secure and effective protection and integrity of data assets.
  • Monitor stored procedures and execution time.
  • Resolve performance issues.
  • Provide guidance and supervise other members on the team.