Diagnostic Medical Nutritionist

Job Summary

Responsible for applying the principles of nutrition and food management in a healthcare setting. Plans purchase of food, prepares food, and ensure all meals being served are affordable and nutritious.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Plan meals for patients.
  • Prepare food that is nutritious.
  • Direct the purchase of food and ensure it is affordable.
  • Plan meals for those with special dietary needs.
  • Create monthly menus.
  • Assess patients' nutritional needs.
  • Analyze daily nutritional intake.
  • Confer with doctors on a nutrition plan.
  • Teach people how to purchase and prepare healthy meals at home.
  • Study the use of food in the body.
  • Teacher others about scientific discoveries in nutrition.
  • Apply research to meal planning and menus.
  • Supervise food service to patients.
  • Calculate and devise therapeutic diets.
  • Deliver instructions to patients being discharged regarding procedures they should follow in maintaining diet therapy.
  • Visit patients and answer questions about diet.
  • Record allergies and food preferences.
  • Recommend if diet needs to be modified.
  • Check to ensure appearance of food on tray is adequate.