Plastics Engineer

Job Summary

Responsible for designing and developing materials and other goods made with plastics. Creates specifications, establishes manufacturing control plans, and designs pieces and parts.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Design plastics or injection-mold fabrication processes.
  • Create and improve injection-mold machinery.
  • Research and develop new manufacturing processes.
  • Analyze manufacturing data and suggest improvements.
  • Analyze production and machinery line.
  • Ensure quality output of molded components.
  • Develop and design engineered plastic parts, insert molded parts and assemblies.
  • Interact with customers, suppliers, and internal resources.
  • Establish the parameters for an optimal molding environment.
  • Design necessary components.
  • Ensure environment to make plastics is appropriate.
  • Analyze quality control and correct flaws.
  • Work with other team members and vendors.
  • Review existing validation reports.
  • Create new reports and verifications.
  • Analyze moldflow, part advisor analysis, finite element analysis, and stress/fatigue analysis on plastics.
  • Design hot/cold runner molds.
  • Develop 3D solid mold designs.
  • Create water diagrams and hot runner wiring schematics.
  • Prepare mold-filling simulations.