Public Transportation Inspector

Job Summary

Responsible for inspecting public transportation vehicles and railways to ensure they comply with federal and state regulations.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Inspect public transportation vehicles for problems.
  • Green-light vehicles after inspection or recommend additional repairs.
  • Investigate accidents and complaints.
  • File reports.
  • Ensure employees are performing assigned duties.
  • Evaluate employees' performance.
  • Ensure employees treat passengers with dignity and respect.
  • Evaluate schedules for adherence and timeliness.
  • Record time required to load and unload passengers.
  • Investigate delays and infractions.
  • Inspect property for evidence of abuse, damage, and mechanical malfunction and directs repair.
  • Add additional routes and vehicles.
  • Schedule repairs for vehicles.
  • Detect conditions hazardous to equipment.
  • Eliminate local hazards with cooperation of local government.
  • Investigate and report disruptions.
  • Dispatch equipment and mechanics.
  • Submit reports to management.